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Benefits Of Blue Light Treatment for Acne

Blue light treatment for acne is a non-invasive procedure that uses light in the blue wavelength at a range of 405-420nm to kill the acne bacteria in the skin. It is a photo-dynamic therapy that is FDA- approved to treat moderate acne vulgaris or acne that does not respond to other acne therapies available in the market.

Does Blue Light Treatment for Acne Work?

Bacteria in acne releases a naturally occurring substance in the body known as porphyrins. This arises due to the synthesis of haem in red blood cells. When the porphyrin absorbs light of a certain wavelength, free radical damage is produced. This helps to destroy the bacteria. A narrow-band, high-intensity blue light source is used in blue light acne. The light is readily absorbed by the porphyrins that are released by the acne causing bacteria. 

In the past, light therapy used UV light, which in many cases can be damaging to the skin, which is no longer being used in blue light acne treatments. Blue light acne can be used alone or together with photo-sensitizing agents such as topical aminolevulinic acid (ALA) hydro-chloride solution. The use of these agents appears to offer additional reduction of lesion and pustules on the skin. However, it can cause a crusting reaction for a few days.

With the blue light treatment for acne, the patient simply sits in front of a blue light lamp for about 15 minutes. 2 sessions per week over a period of 4 weeks is enough for the treatment to work. Pre-treatment with ALA requires a topical application 30 minutes before sitting in front of the blue light lamp for about 8 minutes. A 2-week spacing interval is usually done. The number of treatments depends on how severe the acne is and the improvements seen.

The blue light treatment for acne procedure is usually conducted by a dermatologist, but there are also blue light devices that can be bought for self-administration. In this case the dermatologist has to oversee its use.

Benefits of Blue Light Treatment for Acne

This type of treatment has several benefits over other treatments. Such as:

  • It is safe for all ages and can be used on a daily basis.
  • It is 100% natural and non-invasive.
  • Easy to self-administer and painless.
  • It is drug-free with no adverse side effects.
  • It is effective for most types of acne.

Side Effects Of Blue Light Treatment for Acne?

The only risk posed is the overexposure of the blue light to the eyes. For this reason, eye protection is provided to cover the eyes during the procedure.


Blue light acne therapy can be used together with red light therapy which helps to shrink the sebaceous gland beneath the pores. It is important to use the right products for cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. Cleansing will help to reduce oil accumulation on the skin. Moisturizing will keep the skin flexible and exfoliating will keep the skin loose and free from wrinkles as well as blemishes.

It is important to note that blue light acne is not a cure, but it is effective to keep acne under control with consistent treatments. Visit a dermatologist for guidelines on how to use it.


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