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BESTOPE Blackhead Extraction Tool Review

Are you sick and tired of living with blackheads? If so, it may be high time you consider an extractor tool. While the market is flooded with many pimples and acne extractors, none can rival the BESTOPE blackhead extraction tool. This tool has been around for quite a long time, so you can rest assured that it won’t disappoint you. It features a pro electroplated needle that works in all forms of skins and pores. What’s more, this product does not result in any sensitivity issues. This product is without doubt among the best in the market, so everyone would be interested in knowing the brilliant minds behind it. Without much ado, let’s have a look at the profile of the company responsible for this product.

Taythi Company is the company behind the introduction of the BESTOPE blackhead extraction tool. It is a public company that was incorporated in 2013, and it focuses mainly on products for outdoors and sports, home and garden tools, health, grocery, clothing, beauty, shoes and jewelry departments. It is not a surprise, therefore, that they are among the best Amazon USA sellers. Since its inception, Taythi has been constantly expanding, and this is highly attributable to their continued efforts to produce quality products.

What’s Included With The BESTOPE Blackhead Extraction Tool

The BESTOPE blackhead extraction tool comes with:

  • One box percent
  • One metal case
  • Five skin care needles
  • One user guide.

BESTOPE Blackhead Extraction Tool – Pros

If you already have had the pleasure of using this tool, then you can attest to the fact that this tool is extremely efficient. Just check the reviews on any site that sells this product and you will see why it is so amazing. Here are some of the things we like about the product:
1. Impressive packaging – It is packaged in a small, portable case which is very practical for traveling. The case is also appealing, and the best part is that it holds all the tools securely. Honestly, it couldn’t get better than this.

2. Cost – It is pretty hard to come by a product with great features at an affordable price. But this blackhead extracting tool is an exception—with just ten dollars you can own this fantastic product. Great for people on a strict budget.

3. Easy to use – You definitely don’t want something that will take you an eternity before you can master how to use it. Which is why we love this product. It is easy to use.

BESTOPE Blackhead Extraction Tool – Cons

Pick any product and you will find something that is just plain wrong with it, or at least could be improved. In the case of this tool, we couldn’t find much. However, that being said, we have heard complaints from some that the wires at the end of the tools have been known to break for some people. We haven’t experienced that ourselves but wanted to make sure we mentioned it. Also, although the kit comes with a guide, it could use a little bit more work (i.e.: more detailed instructions and situations on when to use each tool.)


BESTOPE Extractor Tool is a great product, and except for the few cons, many people are enjoying this product. This product is must-have if you are to get rid of blackheads, pimples, and acne.

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